Ethics fee says slashing casino crusade shapely became in state’s optimal pastimes

Ethics fee says slashing casino crusade shapely became in state’s optimal pastimes

The Maine ethics commission voted Wednesday to accept a $100,000 price from the backers of a failed 2017 ballot question campaign that asked voters to approve a York County on line casino.

The 4-0 vote may well be the final part in a three-12 months saga that concerned a murky cash trail stretching from Maine to the Northern Mariana Islands, Miami and elements of Asia and the Caribbean.

overall, the campaign – financed with money provided by means of businesses with ties to casino entrepreneur Shawn Scott and headed with the aid of his sister, Lisa Scott – spent almost $9 million getting the measure on the ballot and courting votes. The query would have given Shawn Scott’s company the only rights to a on line casino license in southern Maine, valued at an estimated $a hundred and fifty million.

After a prolonged investigation, the Maine commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices voted in December to dazzling Lisa Scott’s businesses and the campaign’s treasurer, Cheryl Timberlake, $500.”000 for late and inaccurate campaign finance reporting. The graceful become appealed to Kennebec County advanced court docket, however the court had now not issued a decision.

beneath the settlement contract with the fee, Lisa Scott and Timberlake will cut up the shapely, with each paying $50.”000. They did not answer to messages in search of comment Wednesday.

staff advised lowering fine

In a memo published Tuesday, the commission’s workforce informed lowering the gorgeous as a result of Lisa Scott lives in St. Kitts and has no belongings in this nation that could be seized to fulfill the penalty.

fee individuals disclosed Wednesday that they have got been involved in private negotiations with attorneys for Lisa Scott and Timberlake, so the vote to settle was not a fantastic one.

Commissioner William Lee III, a Democrat from Waterville and an legal professional, pointed out the doubtful outcome of the courtroom case, coupled with the difficulties and price of making an attempt to assemble the total shapely, made the resolution to accept the decreased penalty an easy one.

“I actually didn’t suppose we’d see a nickel from this,” Lee pointed out.

Others on the commission additionally pointed out the state’s most reliable hobbies have been being served via the contract, and the commission become nevertheless sending a powerful enforcement message about abiding through crusade finance legal guidelines.

Voters rejected the casino question in a landslide vote, with eighty three percent opposing the measure.

Commissioner Brad Pattershall, a Republican from Freeport and an attorney, mentioned the election result changed into a transparent signal that the Scotts’ enterprise was now not wanted in Maine.

ballot INITIATIVES in the spotlight

The fee’s long-established punishment become essentially 10 times more than the old checklist radiant, a $50,250 penalty imposed in 2014 towards the national organization for Marriage for not registering and filing crusade finance experiences as a pollquestion committee within the 2009 elections.

The casino campaign may have confronted a maximum penalty of as lots as $4.5 million.

The crusade also got here under the scrutiny of the Legislature’s govt Oversight Committee in August 2017. A month later, the committee body of workers launched a report with a stream chart displaying a dizzying array of businesses and funders from across the globe that have been funneling money into the casino campaign in Maine.

The casino effort grew to be a poster infant for what critics view as the exploitation of Maine’s pollinitiative method. Critics say the procedure is effortlessly hijacked with the aid of out-of-state particular hobbies, and with ample funds, voters can be asked to approve virtually anything – including a legislations that could supply a financial windfall to only 1 grownup or one enterprise. in the case of the casino, that would have been Shawn Scott.

but efforts to reform the pollinitiative manner in Maine have received little traction in the Legislature, including proposals to boost the number of voter signatures essential to get on the ballot, or ones that could require a geographically equal distribution of signatures from both of Maine’s congressional districts. bills to prohibit paying worker’s to compile voter signatures even have been defeated.


One invoice that did flow into law this 12 months requires people who donate more than $a hundred,000 to a pollquestion committee to divulge their excellent five sources of funding for the donation.

The bill, sponsored via state Rep. Louis Luchini, D-Ellsworth, become signed into law by using Gov. Paul LePage in June.

considering the fact that 2016, voters have been asked to make a decision seven pollquestions, together with the York County on line casino, heritage exams for private gun earnings, raising Maine’s minimal wage, increasing Medicaid and tacking a 3 p.c surcharge on family unit income over $200.”000 to support fund public education. probably the most measures were permitted, some were rejected and some had been altered by using the Legislature after they passed.

In November, voters will believe a notion to impose an additional tax on salary above $128.”four hundred to extend home care services for the elderly and disabled. The “Act To establish ordinary domestic take care of Seniors and individuals with Disabilities,” a suggestion from the Maine americans’s Alliance, is the newest example of modern groups the use of Maine’s citizen initiative method to enact coverage at the ballot box as opposed to in the course of the Legislature.

In February, the crusade received a $150,000 infusion from a group backed by way of billionaire philanthropist George Soros. Reforming the pollinitiative process additionally has been an issue discussed by way of candidates for governor in 2018.

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