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Does God like An SEO Expert?

Well, I don’t know about divine beings, but I damn sure know that Matt Cutts hates SEO experts and he pretty much thinks of himeself as a living deity, so you can do the math on that one.

Having said that, let’s get it right out there that local SEO for business is a very real thing, and the guys over at Strykefore SEO marketing really know their shit.

Strykefore SEO marketing

There ya have it, check ‘em out if you wanna give your local business an edge with promotion.

Bed Bugs | What Would Jesus Do?

Bed bugs? What the hell do you think Jesus would do?

He’d have fire and brimstone rained down on those evil muthafuckas, that’s what he’d do!

Kill bed bugs!!!

These creatures are evil and they serve no purpose in God’s overall plans for the universe. There, I’ve spoken my piece on the subject matter…

bed bugs evasion

Good luck and good riddance to these nasty insects, parasites, etc. You get the picture!

Click here for a more austere reference point.

Check It Out

Check it out

There’s a lot of cool shit on the internet and resources are easy to find. Here’s one for really cool Kindle ebooks that we found…

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